How to Identify Color Trends

Many of you probably rely on the latest trends in fashion to help identify color trends. After all, if people are willing to wear a particular color, it can’t be that bad, can it? Well, actually, it can be bad, especially when something like fuchsia is the fashion world’s color du jour! That just won’t work for your latest client’s power tool brochure, will it?

How then can you identify which colors are hot and which are not? One thing you can do is pay better attention to your surroundings. Anything that’s new is probably incorporating the latest color trends – that new building going up downtown, a neighbor’s kitchen, new car models, most anything being advertised in a magazine, and especially clothing. If you’re noticing the same shades of color or a similar color direction, meaning colors are warmer or cooler, lighter or darker, clearer or greyer, etc. chances are you’ve stumbled upon a color trend.

Color forecasters are always hard at work

color forecasterColor forecasters are constantly at work influencing the minds of everyday people. Several years before the launch of that new color trend you’re seeing now, this stealth-like group of Pantone forecasters defines and publishes those color trends. It’s a tricky process that involves looking at what’s happening in the economy, society, and places like the entertainment industry and trade shows and predicting how things will be a few years down the road.

Slowly those published and forecasted trends are introduced to various industries including the cosmetics market, retail market, makers of paint and textiles, and the automobile industry. From there, these folks get busy pumping up consumer demand until, ultimately, consumer behavior confirms (and sometimes rejects!) that color trend. Pantone makes it easy

Assuming you’re not part of that trend-setting crowd, you probably learn about today’s color trends towards the end of this multi-year trend production line. If you want a jump on future trends, identifying them is real easy. All you need is the latest Pantone View color forecast.

Pantone’s View forecasters tell you the colors you need to be incorporating into your line of work right now. Whether its business or fashion, paints or interiors, graphic design or something else, the Pantone color system takes the mystery and the fear out of choosing colors.

Interestingly, two of Pantone’s newest color trends include palettes called Wine Country and Solar Energy. How’s that for a reflection of what’s hot right now!