Pantone CHIP IN Promotion

The Move Forward, Give Back, Chip-in Program.
The program makes it easier and more economical for designers, product managers, printers and all color decision makers to get up-to-date with the world’s most advanced color tools, while donating needed funds to support art education.

The Chip-In Program
Pantone is offering a rebate of up to $500 to participants who trade in their old products.
Buy a qualifying Pantone Graphics or Fashion and Home product. Return an old Pantone product, with proof of purchase and filled in rebate forrm. Receive a rebate check from Pantone. Offer has been extended, and is now valid through Decemer 31, 2011.
Rebate Info and Form (PDF)

Give Back while saving money.
In addition, Pantone will make a donation of $25,000 to the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Pantone is also collaborating with Rush to encourage the expression of creativity and emotion through color by providing PANTONE Color Tools and learning materials to the children in its programs.